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Welcome to Elvin Eyez! This site is about us, Amy and Marissa, and our obssession with the hottest guy on earth. Have a look around and please give us some feedback telling us that you came! Enjoy your stay-- Your Webmistresses: Amy and Marissa

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February 12, 2004- WOW! Its been a month sence we last updated...lol..well I'm gunna try and update more often. Ok with you amerz? So I updated the blog and the news and images are still under construction...okie dokie? -Meriadork xxx

January 12, 2004- Ok all links work sept the "news" section! Oh and my blog has been updated today! Check that out! Luv yas!-Amy

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>> Heya! Our names are Amy & Marissa. We are both 14 and live in La Mirada, California. We have been working with sites for over a year! We love making sites, singing, listening to music, obssessing iver HOT guyz (such as Orlando Bloom and Dominic Monaghan), watching TV, cooking, and most of all being us! We attend La Mirada High School and stress easily. We both plan to be marine biologists and marry Orli (but who doesn't?)

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>> Orlando Bloom...PotC, LotR, & Legally Blonde... poetry, laughing, having a good time...Orlando Bloom...starbucks and smoothies...care bears...dances and MORE!!

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*** And anyone else that we forgot, please forgive us! Let us know and we will add you!

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